SOS Children’s Village have health program that Support children to have access to health services (Physically, emotionally and mentally) and also linking them through professionals who can help them on Prevention and Cure. The organisation is also runs the Medical Centre which provide basic health care, Child birth education, reproductive health education and nutrition education, the health facilities (Medical centres) have specialized professionals in the care of children and women but also provide health services  in Arusha and Zanzibar.
The health professionals from SOS are also supporting the community around to gets/benefit from their expertise through health advise but also they provide health related education e.g. malnutrition, family planning etc. and supports other institutions through the health related assessment exercise.
SOS health facilities was set up in Zanzibar and Arusha in 2001 and 2012 respectively. Currently reaching over 830 patients per month on average, the medical centres provide basic outpatient and laboratory services, reproductive and child health services home based care, voluntary counselling and testing of HIV/AIDs and other health education.

  • The facilities have improved health status of beneficiaries through facilitating access of curative and preventive services. 
  • The facilities have been used to increased awareness to the beneficiaries and community through health education on child nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, HIV/AIDS prevention, sexual and reproductive health among youth and parents.
  • The medical centres used for peer education and counselling units for HIV/AIDs victims.
  • The medical centres have been used to provide specialized services for maternal health services

Doctor attend Patient at SOS Children's Village zanzibar


Laboratory technician examining specimen at SOS Medical Centre Arusha

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