Grieg Gender Challenge program is a program funded byGrieg foundation. The program aims at ensuring equa lopportunities for girls, boys, men and women by reducing gender barriers in the communities and families. We work with the communities, local and international partners in Tanzania in ensuring promotion of gender equality and equity through sharing information, learning from others, and through joint policy advocacy and programming actions.

Since 2012 SOS Children’s Village Tanzania has been implementing a 3 year gender programme funded by the Grieg foundation.  Currently, the programme supports 2,667 (1,291 female and  1376 males) from SOS programme areas of Mwanza, Dar es Salaam, Pemba, Unguja and Arusha where by gender issues are mainstreamed in the SOS family strengthening programme. The goals of the programme is to support girls and boys to access quality education and build capacity of SOS Children’s Village  to implement gender sensitive  family strengthening programme.

Focus areas of gender programme
Rights to education: Improve safety and hygiene at schools to make the learning friendly for adolescence/girls.  

Rights within education: Through rights within education at total of 1363 males &1941 female in 11 schools in Mwanza, Pemba and Arusha have been trained on sexual reproductive health training. Linkage services were done for 3 schools with the local public health centres for continuous support and information. Training of gender and improvement of girls performance in schools were done to 30 teachers, where by 2 schools have managed to reduce the number of girls falling pregnant from 3 to 1 in a year.

Rights through education: In partnership with the Ministry of Education in the Department of Adult Literacy in Pemba, the program facilitated the adult literacy programs whereby caregivers and other members of the community and youth take part in acquiring the basic literacy of reading, writing and numeracy skills, parenting skills training, vocational skills and income generating skills.
The program facilitates the formulation of clubs in some of the schools whereby clubs in 10 schools have been strengthened and 5 new cubs formulated. The debates have responded positively on girls’ confidence building and self-esteem.


Achievements in Gender programme

i. Through the WASH projects, attendance rate have been raised from 63.8% to 67% and 72% to 74% respectively in 2 secondary schools.
ii. 34 families out of 36 caregivers supported in Income Generation skills have become independent and are fully supporting the education of their children independently.
iii. SOS Children’s Village Tanzania is a member of two gender networks such as Tanzania Ending Child Marriage Network (TECMN) and the Civil Society Gender Coalition.
iv. 18% of 251 staff in the MA can perform gender analysis of programmes.
v. Capacity of SOS staff to implement family strengthening programme in a gender-sensitive way have been enhanced whereby 32 males & 28 female have been trained on gender and development, gender analysis and


Gender  program-Mwanza
Grieg Gender Challenge Program is aimed at ensuring equal opportunities are given to girls, boys, men and women by reducing gender barriers. In Mwanza the program implemented school water and sanitation programs to two schools through trainings, water supply projects and the construction of toilets.

Outside view of the project

The Grieg Gender Challenge program also works towards strengthening community systems. It has started by training the Child Protection Committee by focusing on training of community security officers to have authority to legally arrest suspects, comprehensive concept of Ulinzi Shirikishi and informing participants on child protection policies and using the Criminal Offense Act in protecting children from all forms of abuse. The training was attended by 45 participants (37 male & 8 female) from seven (7) zones of Maweni, Majengo A, Majengo B, Utuzuni, Igelegele A, Igelegele B and Chamkolo.

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