Family Strengthening Program  is an outreach program that has the purpose to enable children who are at risk of losing the care of their family to grow within a caring family environment.The program works directly with families and communities by empowering them to effectively protect and care for their children, in a collaboration with local authorities and other service providers within communities.
The program ensures that children have access to essential service such as education, health and Participation rights by assist children to organise and formulate children council where they speak out their opinions in every matter that affects their rights.

The program sees the caregivers as responsible for the child care and protection hence caregivers/families are empowered to take sustainable initiative to provide basic needs for their children.
FSP aims to strengthening the social support systems in communities so that they effectively address and respond to the issues of the children while developing sense of ownership and commitment on various interventions. For example in 2015, FSP supported the formulation of child and gender desk that resulted into government to second the head of department social welfare Ilala municipal to be a Full time employee to head the gender and child protection police desk.  Child protection committees as well as strengthening the Most Vulnerable Committees, Shehia Development Committees in cooperation with respective local authorities.

Family Strengthening Program operate in five regions of Pemba, Unguja, Arusha, Dar es Salaam and Mwanza and support 789 families.

  • 251 Families Caregivers are engaged in Income Generating Activities
  • 590 Caregivers are members of Village Savings and Landing Associations, managed to accumulate 150,052,000/TZS in 2015 which has become reliable sources of income. We supported to link groups with microfinance institutions for sustainability purposes.
  • 811 caregivers have been equipped with knowledge and skills on child care and parenting.

Currently SOS Children’s Village Tanzania and Zanzibar support over 2700 children and youth under family strengthening programme as follows:

Programme location Children Youth 18+
Dar Es Salaam 170 30
Arusha 803 72
Zanzibar (Unguja) 600 39
Zanzibar (Pemba) 514 35
Mwanza 452 60
Total  2539 2539 236

Family Strengthening Program empower community income generation skills.

Family Strengthening Program provide access to education.

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