Education is a right that all children deserve. Although an education is a fundamental right according to the Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.SOS Children’s Villages places a central value on education for its key role in contributing to the health of families, by providing opportunity for economic growth and individual fulfilment. SOS works with communities across the globe to give children and families access to quality educational programming.

All our SOS Children’s Villages schools, also known as Hermann Gmeiner Schools, promote a holistic approach to education which allows each individual child the opportunity to grow and learn as suits them best. Where schools and training programs already exist, SOS will often provide impoverished children and young adults with the funds they need to pay for school fees and supplies.

SOS Children’s Villages Tanzania and Zanzibar operates the following schools
•Hermann Gmeiner School Arusha (Kindergarten,Primary School,Secondary School O'Level)
•Hermann Gmeiner School Dar es Salaam (Kindergarten)
•Hermann Gmeiner Schools Eldoret (Kindergarten,Primary School,Secondary School O'Level and A'Level)

SOS Kindergartens a located within SOS villages. This was primary designed targeting children from the village although it accept children from the neighbouring communities.
The SOS Kindergarten applies the “Jolly Phonics” method in its teaching, creatively, environmental studies and playing games outsides classes. Daily kindergarten programs contains two important part which are free play and creativity.
SOS Children Vilages kindergarten has three different classes that is low (2.5-3 years), middle and upper classes.
The fee for all children is subsidized to enable even the not so well-to-do families to be able to afford the service. We also have set aside a budget where scholarships are offered to those who cannot afford the subsidized fees.

Hermann Gmeiner Schools
SOS Children’s Villages education focus is on a Child centred education approach. SOS promotes quality education which is done through improving the learning and teaching environment for the SOS schools while investing on strengthening education institutions for the public owned schools to create/improve learning and teaching environment for quality education purpose. Education system in SOS Villages allow the Support for the individual child, basing on his/her need. (Highly &less need support)
In the SOS education program, student are organised through forum for the purpose of sharing experience and education challenges in schools and out of schools such as poor academic performance, sexual harassment, excessive domestic chores etc. The outcome of the forum has been noticed through improving in attendance and performance of pupils and students in schools, also students’ self-esteem and confidence built through these forum, decision making process and leadership skills increased to students as well.


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