Youth programs are particular activities designed to involve young people moved from family house to youth facility. Youth are oriented towards youth development through recreation, social life, prevention, intervention, or education. During youth programs participants might be involved in sports, religion, community service, youth activism, youth service, or outdoor education.

In Zanzibar and Arusha SOS Children’s Villages has their own youth facilities used for our older children choose to transferred to family home, they are supported by the SOS Youth Program in semi-independent, shared accommodation. Qualified counsellors provide guidance as they complete their education or vocational training and make the transition to young adulthood. The case is different for Dar es Salaam and Mwanza where we are renting youth premises.  When children reach age of 18 years old they move from villages to youth facilities where they are being engaged into various programs to prepare themselves for an independent life.

Programs may include formal education and trainings, head start program, follow-up guidance which are designed to equip youth with life skills and development of their personalities.
Until 2015, 72 youth (21girls and 51boys) have joined higher learning institutions in different part of the world. For example 8 youth are in Ghana, 3 in South Africa and 4 in United State of America.
For the youth who have not gone further with the formal education are also supported with various interventions to become self-independent, for example 250 youths were trained on entrepreneurship and vocational skills.

The organization has supported the formation of Youth Entrepreneurship Association which  link to SIDO for business skills and entrepreneurship
SOS Children'sVillages Tanzania and zanzibar is proud to have more than 66 youth who are now self-independent to either in formal employment or entrepreneurship
SOS Children'sVillagesTanzania  in partnership with DHL trained 17 youth on GoTeach project which its objective is a Career coaching and Job shadowing activities for youth from all locations at DHL Tanzania.

Youth are prepared to be contributing member to the society.

Youth learning art work.

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