SOS Children’s Village Tanzania and Zanzibar work to enhance partnership and networks with duty bearers at Government, Ministries, Departments and Agencies, civil society and private sector to address child rights to quality care.   Main interventions are on child rights for quality care campaign, policy dialogues to influence care reforms and supports the Ministries and Departments to improve coordination systems. Capacity of community partners are enhanced to lobby for child sensitive and friendly budgets and proper resource allocation and utilisation.
Result areas for the advocacy interventions in SOS Children’s Village;
i. Strategic partnerships and networks are created to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable children and their families.
ii.Collaborating with the government in implementing of UN Guidelines on Alternative Care.
Enhanced child participation and Voice of children and younger people.
iii.Enhanced partnership with media for effective evidence based awareness on child abuse.

The organisation conducted a National launch of Care for me campaign for the Child care system reform and in collaboration with Government 5 children’s homes institution care were closed in Dar which were running under quality.
Care for Me Campaign has reached over 2,000,000 people through printed materials, TVs, Radio, and social media; through Radio Free Africa the organisation have reached 18million people on friendly budgeting for children at Local government.
Through advocacy the organisation merged Most Vulnerable Children Committees (MVCC) and Ward Development Committees (WDC) for evidence based budgeting for children this has resulted into5 communities/wards namely Chanika , mahina, mukuyuni, Mwandeti, Pemba, local leaders realized and allocated funds for 2015 financial year while Mkuyuni ward a total of 177 children served by Most Vulnerable Children Committeesm and Ward Development Committees.


 Care for Me campaign was officially launched by Deputy Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon Angela Kairuki in February 7, 2014 .The child care Assessment report based on the implementation of United Nation  Guidelines on alternative care was already presented to Liaison and advocacy international office and the major goal for our campaign is: strong coordination among MVC stakeholders in Tanzania, this goal is due to the key findings and recommendations in the child care assessment report. It was found that in Tanzania there are 188 non-registered institutions taking care for the children. During the launch, the government through the guest of honor speech emphasized on the required standards in the UN guidelines on alternative care; and added that there should be the uniformity among alternative care providers and called for the monitoring and follow up to all institutions in Tanzania.

The Guest of honor on the left side and the National Director at the right were at the podium presenting their speeches during the launch of Care for Me Campaign.


Youth and children participated through live media in the form of songs and Poet to amplify their voice/message on Quality care to every child at family level

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