Members of Parliamentary Committee visit SOS Children’s Village Dar es Salaam

On 20th February 2012 members of the Parliamentary Committee on HIV/AIDS in Tanzania visited the SOS Children’s Village Dar es Salaam. The delegation included 15 MPs and three parliamentary staff off

The National Director gave them a briefing on SOS Children’s Villages Tanzania, while Honorary Treasurer Mr Hilary Biduga explained the SOS Children’s Villages HIV policy. Apart from mentioning the organization efforts geared at fighting the deasease, Mr Biduga asked the MPs to assist SOS so that applications for tax exemption are processed faster when importing construction materials and other items. He also requested the MPs to help obtain land to build a school, Youth Homes and a health care facility close to the SOS Childen’s Village Dar es Salaam.

The team later visited one sibling headed family in Sinza ‘C‘ which is supported by the Family Strengterning Programme (FSP). The family is headed by the eldest sister, who is also a young mother. Among the highlights of the visit was the eldest boy in the family who, after the support from FSP successfull completed his O- levels and is looking forward to joining the A-levels.

A choir of children welcomed the MPs in the KG, where approximately 80% of children a come from the community, including 17 from very poor families. In the Children’s Village (CV) the MPs visited House No. 2 where they were welcomed by all SOS Mothers and Aunts. SOS Mother Fatma thanked the MPs for visiting the Village, and also requested their support to secure land close to the CV to build a school.  Mothers also requested the MPs to help the CV obtain a bus to facilitate village outings and school transport. For his part, the VD invited MPs to support the work of SOS Children’s Villages Tanzania by giving a minimum of TShs. 15,000 per month.

Before departure, the committee chairman handed over to the CV TShs. 210,000 as a donation from all MPs. She also gave TShs.100,000 as a personal donation to help purchase balls and playing ropes, which she had promised the children during her previous visit. The MPs commended the work the SOS Children’s Villages Tanzania is doing in providing direct support to the needy children.

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